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BE Modern Man:
Meet "The Community Builder,” Lawrence Adjah

by Tyrus Townsend
July 4, 2018

BE Modern Man is an integrative program that honors the essence, image, and accomplishments of today’s man of color. With features of today’s leaders, executives, creatives, students, politicians, entrepreneurs, professionals, and agents of change—these men share the common thread of creating a new normal while setting the bar in tech, art, philanthropy, business, and beyond. The BE Modern Man is making a positive impact, his way, and has a story to tell.

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In the early 2000's Lawrence became burdened by the sleeping giant of our time: loneliness. Observing that we’ve become more digitally connected than we’ve ever been, yet more isolated and disconnected interpersonally than ever before, it became his mission to address this growing issue.

In a time where many of us are mediating our lives behind a computer screen and are living in cities without strong pre-existing relationships, he believes it is vital for people to have a space where they can build lifelong, life-sustaining relationships.  We were never meant to do life alone. Through his experience in business and community building, he became convinced the solution to this challenge is as much a spiritual matter as it is a civic, social, and technological (business) opportunity.

He currently addresses this reality in three ways: He serves as the Founder and Chairman of Family Dinner Foundation whose mission has been to connect the world as a family over the dinner table. He serves as Founding Lead Pastor of a new church he will start and serve in Jersey City, NJ in Fall 2020 because at the heart of the great love story is God redeeming and reconciling our broken relationship with Him and inviting us to do that with one another. He also serves as an advisor + consultant to organizations across all sectors, from Fortune 500 companies to churches and small businesses helping them realize and maximize their common good through transformational yet practical strategies.


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